Community Yoga

Monday + Wednesday 630pm•60-75 MINUTES

Absolute Beginner Monday Hatha Yoga with Sabrina Ewell :: $10

Absolute Beginner Wednesday Vinyasa Yoga with Aya Cook :: $10

Thursday 630pm•75 Minutes

Men's Yoga with senior yoga teacher Keom Granger  :: $10

Saturday 9:30am•60 minute Yoga + 30 minute Nap

Black Power Yoga + Nap Hour :: All Levels :: $15

Black Power Yoga Hour (yoga alone) :: $10

Black Power Nap Hour (guided relaxation alone) :: $10

Sunday Sanctuary @10am •75 minutes

All levels :: $10

Yoga Class Bundles

10 class bundle :: $90

Applicable to any class. Must be used within 6mo of purchase

$10 single class

First + Last Tuesday in July :: 7pm Liberation Meditation with Joshua

Joshua Bee Alafia’s meditation practice began in 1989 when his mother gave him a mantra (an empowering statement that is recited internally) to work with. This sparked a rich journey through many different meditation styles from the Hawaiian Shamanic, Hindu, Sufi, Dzogchen, Taoist, and finally, Vipassana traditions. After realizing the transformative power of meditation practice in his own life, Joshua determined he'd bring it to the youth. He began teaching mindfulness meditation to incarcerated, court involved and system vulnerable youth through New York’s Lineage Project in 2010. He is a graduate of the Community Dharma Leaders training through Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Joshua is a recent Chicago transplant and is currently teaching Insight meditation at the Dorchester Art + Housing Collaborative on the South Side of Chicago.

TaoYoga ArtsTM is a Taoist practice that incorporates mindful movement, breath work, visualization and meditation. Joshua's approach to teaching this practice, is informed by his Yoruba and Buddhist training. Haji Healing Salon is delighted to offer Joshua a new Chicago home, where he will share his inspired healing art.

Join us in welcoming Joshua, who is a senior teacher in this tradition, to Chicago AND to Haji Healing Salon, by reserving your cushion for his Tuesday night meditation class, offered first and third Tuesdays beginning in May. Each class incorporates a period of movement, guided meditation and a conversation about the practice. We gather from 7pm-845pm. Class is accessed via our sliding scale payment model pay what you can between $20-$5.

Featuring complimentary Zen Blend tea by Oh So Medicinal

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RESERVE YOGA (drop-in)

Sunday Sanctuary (All Levels Community Yoga) 10am

Sunday Sanctuary Community Yoga is a celebration of LIFE! We come together to drop into ourselves, breathe deeply and move intentionally. Aya uses music, yoga and her own brand of affirmative speech to help community connect with and fully realize the joy of being in the body. The all-levels flow practice, is best suited for practitioners who have a basic understanding of Vinyasa yoga. Please bring yourSELF, your mat, a towel (if you sweat with moderate practice) and your open heart. Come ready to be in community with other amazing folks who also share a love of yoga and safe spaces to practice. Your $10 class fee supports the Haji Healing Salon's Community Acupuncture program.  See you soon!


Monday/Wednesday Beginner Yoga :: 630pm with Sabrina + Aya





Haji Healing Salon is the antidote to the problem of modern yoga. Here you will receive PLENTY of personal attention and enjoy learning yoga, while sharing intimate space with supportive community. No pretense, no judgement, no INVISIBILITY and no need for fancy yoga pants (ha)! COME AS YOU ARE and BEGIN YOUR PRACTICE!

HATHA YOGA is the Mother of all Yoga styles and is characterized by a longer time spent holding postures. This style is great for absolute beginners and anyone looking to slow down and STAY through challenge in the body and the practice. Hatha Yoga with Sabrina Ewell is offered Monday nights.

Beginners who like “to keep it moving,” have a bit more yoga experience or enjoy cardio-ish moments in yoga class will love Wednesday night Vinyasa yoga with Aya. Wanna jump in with both feet? Take BOTH classes every week and enjoy EXPANDING the realm of what you thought was possible, in body, mind, spirit and practice!

We have a unique approach to our beginner classes. The Monday and Wednesday classes are designed TOGETHER: A new sequence created each week, is taught in both classes - two different ways. Sabrina HOLDS and Aya FLOWS. On Monday, Sabrina introduces the postures, allows time in them to learn proper alignment, muscular action and energetic effects. On Wednesday, Aya turns the same sequence into a fun and challenging FLOW practice that offers dynamic movement and the challenge of flowing gracefully from pose to pose. Beginners who practice twice a week at Haji Healing Salon, advance in their understanding of the practice and enjoy creating a new relationship with their bodies and our supportive community.

Join us for beginner yoga and start building a strong foundation for your life-long practice. We have everything you need to get started: free mats, props and safe-space. Just show up, ready to EXPAND!

Saturdays 930-1130am :: The Black Power Yoga Hour
from 10.00

Finally. . . FINALLY. . . An autonomous space, centering BLACK BODIES for the practice of POWER YOGA!!! Permanently mark your calendar for Saturdays 930am to Get. Your. LIFE! In this positively-charged class experience, the glory of BEING in a black body is constantly affirmed. As we move and breathe to OUR music, we absolutely REVEL, in the experience of building discipline, strength and grace through practice. We charge ourselves and one another, as we move through challenges and grow, in this uplifting practice. 

Join us to feel affirmed and inspired. To be seen and held. To be strengthened, enhanced, connected and liberated, through the dedicated practice of POWER YOGA.  It's a discipline and a lifestyle. Join us. $15

Folks with some vinyasa yoga experience will most enjoy this practice, but it is open to all levels. Blackness recommended.. not required.


After yoga, there will be 7min of conscious rest. Class ends with the bell (around 10:40am).  Those leaving may depart. We take a brief bio break, have tea and water from 10:45-11. Anyone staying for an extended period of radical REST that we are calling The Black Power NAP, returns to the mat with pillow and blanket. You will be then be guided through an extended relaxation and visualization experience that will calm and restore you. Sleep is encouraged. This 30min rest is EVERYTHING.  Aya will hold mindful, safe space while you rest. Rise (quietly) any time you wish. We end with the bell. 

Black Power Yoga and Nap are $10 separately.

$15 for yoga + nap together.

Although you may enjoy one half of this offering, the tandem class experience is highly recommended. Class bundles are accepted for yoga or nap only. A $5 upcharge is required to use a class bundle for yoga + nap.


Power Yoga is a fitness-based vinyasa practice. An offshoot of Ashtanga Yoga, it has many of the same qualities and benefits, including building internal heat, increased stamina, strength, and flexibility, as well as stress reduction. Teachers design their own sequences, while students synchronize their breath with their movement.

Private Yoga at The Haji Healing Salon
from 75.00

Yoga is a powerful way to build a beautiful, new relationship with your body.  Although group classes can be far more accessible, one-on-one, with a qualified teacher is the best way to learn this intimate practice. We keep our private rates low and offer special incentive packages to encourage you to take full advantage of the opportunity to deepen your experience in this way. 

A 15-minute consultation is included in your first session. Aya will customize a private practice that can include yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, yoga nidra (sleep meditation) and cold-pressed juice.

Consider the following benefits of private practice:

  • You are supported in making space in your life for a healthful, life-affirming practice. 
  • You gain a firm foundation to build on and move with confidence into a classroom environment.
  • You understand how to articulate each posture with modifications that are appropriate for your body.
  • A new awareness of your body, a new sensitivity and reverence for yourself develops and inspires you to stay on the path.
  • You get to enjoy a supportive and affirming new relationship in your life that is centered around increasing aliveness and radiating health!
  • Look forward to being guided through a weekly, or monthly breath-centered practice of mindful movement, modified specifically to suit the needs of YOUR body. 

Reserve a private session with Aya and enjoy having a safe space to grow into your yoga and yourSELF.