Sacred Space 101

There's an ART to creating a beautiful home, with intentional sacred spaces throughout. Transform your experience of HOME by carving out special areas for prayer, yoga, cleansing, clearing, praise-dancing, journaling, meditating, art-making or any other practice that gives you LIFE! 

Join us for a fun and informative workshop, led by our resident artist, designer + yogi, Aya Cook and be inspired to create sacred space wherever you go!

  • Learn how to cleanse your home (or any space) of negative or stuck energies
  • Build a simple (or elaborate) altar
  • Dress candles with intention for prayer or ritual
  • Commune with others to share ideas and inspiration

Your $25 workshop fee includes a sacred-space toolkit to get you started at home. Bring a journal or something for notes and any "power objects" you'd like to incorporate into the altar or use for inspiration. We begin with a brief guided meditation and an intro to spiritual tools before creating a (temporary) collaborative, community altar. We'll draw diagrams of personal altars for future building, dress candles, commune with crystals and enjoy being in community and sharing information.

Tea, juice and small bites will be served. Space is limited to 11 participants.