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Where Healing Is A Lifestyle...


A Healing Sanctuary

For South Side Chicago


Join us in making healing a lifestyle and THRIVING our resistance!

Sunday sanctuary Community Healing

Sunday Sanctuary Community Healing offers varied services each week!

Sunday Sanctuary Community Healing offers varied services each week!

Our landmark Sunday Sanctuary program is offered every Sunday from 10am-4pm. This program was designed to provide US with a sanctuary space to focus on our healing and transformation through yoga, acupuncture, bodywork, reiki energy healing, counsel and community. Yoga begins at 10am (sorry -no late admittance) and community healing is offered 12-4pm. You may arrive as early as 11:30am to settle in for healing services or make use of our self care station. The Haji Tribe of community-healing practitioners are AMAZING and will take great care of you!  ALL services are accessed between $5-$35. Make your reservation via the RESERVE ALL OFFERINGS tab in navigation. Click SUNDAY SANCTUARY to learn about each week's offerings. While some services are available on a walk-in basis, reservations are always prioritized.

chatham haji healing Salon

Our New Years Eve Self Care Workshop led by Angelana Grant

Our New Years Eve Self Care Workshop led by Angelana Grant

We have occupied + activated our new home and are working our plan to beautify the space and maximize the healing potential.  Every inch of our 1600sf at 746 E. 79th Street, is already being used to inspire transformation, healing  + community, but we're working to make it even BETTER! Early in 2019 the Salon will house a medicinal herb apothecary + retail boutique offering all the accoutrements of a healing lifestyle. While fundraising for the remaining work, we're open six-days-a-week for yoga classes, meditation, healing services + sanctuary space for south side Chicago. The space is also available for select special event rental + private wellness experiences at accessible rates! Inquire through the CURATED WELLNESS SERVICES request form, or by calling Aya at 312.375.7445. Help us make Haji Healing Salon a BEACON on the 79th street corridor by coming out for regular classes, booking healing services + signing up for our newsletter to receive exciting updates + pop-up event invitations. Join the Haji community on instagram, facebook  + twitter @hajihealingsalon

Support our growth

Yoga Community with Instructors Sabrina Ewell + Aya-Nikole Cook

Yoga Community with Instructors Sabrina Ewell + Aya-Nikole Cook

Do you appreciate having access to high-quality, low-cost alternative health and self care? Do you want more options for health + wellness close to home? Are you interested in building a healing lifestyle with support from a vibrant community of folks on a healing path? Consider joining our community and or donating to our social wellness enterpise (L3C) to ensure that the people of south side Chicago have all the services we need to THRIVE! Your donation of any amount is greatly appreciated and will be applied to the cost of our ongoing remodel. With a little help from our friends, we've installed a new floor, recessed lighting + built a beautiful new window seat, complete with planters to house our budding nursery of plant-life. Up next:  plumbing, bathroom remodel, apothecary build-out + installation of HVAC. Click the button below to contribute to our GO FUND ME Campaign:


Curated Wellness Services


Would you like to bring an experience of wellness into your workplace, conference or special event? Perhaps you'd like to treat your employees or a group of special friends to  an URBAN RETREAT:  a relaxing day of self-care and restorative practices, at Haji Healing Salon. We would LOVE to create a custom experience, tailored to meet the needs of your group, at your place or ours!  We can provide a personalized yoga experience, community acupuncture, body work/massage services, group  reiki, aromatherapy and even tarot and astrology readings. We work with many of the best wellness practitioners in the city, our rates are very accessible AND your patronage makes our SUBSIDY BUSINESS MODEL possible. Funds from our private and corporate wellness services are used to subsidize the cost of healing services for our south side Chicago community. It’s win, win, WIN!

We would be delighted to curate beautiful, sanctuary space for your private group. Click the button below to start the conversation.



Reiki Healing + Reiki Practitioner Training

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality used for the treatment of physical, emotional, mental + spiritual dis-ease. Practitioners use a technique similar to the “laying on of hands” to channel energy (KI) guided by Universal Spirit, or Nature (REI) flowing through the the palms of the practitioner, to support healing wherever it is needed. Our practitioners may also employ tools such as crystals and essential oils, to support them in finding and releasing any energetic blockages + enhancing your overall experience. This non-invasive practice is great for reducing stress, inspiring relaxation, clearing stagnant energy and supporting all of our other healing methods. Pair Reiki with Acupuncture, Yoga or Bodywork (massage) to enhance your well-being. Angelana Celeste Grant is a seasoned Reiki Master Teacher, who we are honored to call TRIBE. Angelana shares the responsibility of energetically supporting our community with Courtney Smith, a gifted and highly intuitive healer + reiki practitioner. Book your individual or small group (2-4 people) Reiki session with Angie FIRST + THIRD Sundays or with Courtney SECOND + FOURTH Sundays or TUESDAY evenings 4-8pm.

In addition to offering individual Reiki healing sessions, Angelana also provides in-depth training and certification (levels 1-3) for those who want to deepen their self-study/self-healing and eventually support the healing of others with Reiki. We offer several training sessions each year, with plenty of space in between for you to practice your new healing art.

To book your Reiki session click the button below.

Our nex Reiki training is for LEVEL II and is offered May 10, 4-9pm. Investment is $175. Click the button below and register before May 5th to join us!

Community Acupuncture

Community acupuncture is an effective way to maintain balance in the body, manage chronic pain and stress and activate the body's own innate ability to heal itself. At Haji Healing Salon, we heal together, within a community setting that allows us to share and lower the cost, while benefiting from a powerful healing nexus generated by the collective. Our licensed acupuncturists each have over five years experience and are skilled at handling a wide variety of health conditions and bodily concerns; they'll take great care of you! Book your community acupuncture appointment on Tuesdays 4-8pm or Sundays 12-4pm by clicking the button below.*

Be sure to check out by clicking the CART button in the upper right hand side of the screen to complete the reservation process.


Haji Yoga Social Club

Haji Yoga Social Club is the social (read:party people) arm of the Haji enterprise. We inspire, engage and unite Chicago yoga community, through the curation of unique yoga events, each taking place within unexpected south side spaces. Our landmark offering is The Haji Yoga Supper Club, an exciting event that marries yoga with live music, a gourmet vegetarian/vegan meal and inspired dialogue around the evening's theme. This special event is offered quarterly and has the goal of highlighting the diverse yoga, musical and culinary artists, living and working in Chicago.

Looking to be part of a beautiful community of people who are living a healing lifestyle? Join us for our periodic CommUniTEA Brunch, our quarterly Haji Yoga Super Club + other inspired events. Each special event offers  an opportunity to get up close and personal with the folks you meet in yoga and in the waiting room for acupuncture... a chance to BUILD with your community.

Because we are all about sharing the love, we also curate special events for YOU! If you are a yoga studio owner who wants to build community by offering a fun and engaging night of yoga, music, food and community... you have come to the right place! We will custom-build a beautiful event that features your teachers and your locally-sourced talent. Request a consultation via the curated wellness services page and we'll get right back to you to start planning!



Community Yoga

Join us for an uplifting community yoga class, led by one of our skillful instructors, in a warm and nurturing environment. We offer Hatha Yoga (YOGA FEWL - great for beginners), Vinyasa (SUNDAY SANCTUARY + Slo Flo - all levels), Kemetic Yoga (all levels), GENTLE YOGA + movement (Woosah + Restorative reiki - great for beginners) and private yoga lessons. community yoga Classes are offered Monday, Wednesday, Saturday + Sunday.

All classes are 60-75 minutes and $10.