Sunday Sanctuary Community Yoga is a celebration of LIFE! We come together to drop into ourselves, breathe deeply and move intentionally. Aya uses music, yoga and her own brand of affirmative speech to help community connect with and fully realize the joy of being in the body. The all-levels flow practice, is best suited for those who have a basic understanding of Vinyasa yoga. Please bring your mat, a towel (if you sweat with moderate practice) and your open heart. Come ready to be in community with other amazing folks who also share a love of yoga and safe spaces to practice. Your $10 class fee supports the Haji Healing Salon's Community Acupuncture program. See you soon!



Community acupuncture means your friend, family, or dear one can be in the chair next to you. That you can share in the experience of being needled, lay back, relax and bask in the nexus of healing energy, created by the collective. C.A. means more people have more access to pain relief, stress relief, trauma support and the all around healing power of acupuncture. Our $25 sessions include a short consultation with the therapist and 30-60 minutes rest time for you.  Acupuncture with a revolving roster of skilled community-partners is offered from 12pm-3pm ever Sunday. Reservations are required.



 with Diana Rose

Every FIRST SUNDAY of the month, we welcome sister Diana Rose Harper to Haji Healing Salon, to offer her thoughtful interpretations of the tarot. Come prepared with a few burning questions from your life and settle in with a complimentary cup of Oh So Medicinal tea to enjoy this process of illumination. Diana is an intuitive tarot reader, who draws on multiple spiritual traditions, mythology and psychology. Her work aims to support US in knowing ourselves and finding as much truth, wholeness and alignment as possible. Reserve your appointment with Diana between 11:30am-3pm FIRST SUNDAYS for the special HHS price of $20. 



Reiki is a form of alternative medicine and energy work that has been adapted into varying cultural traditions across the world. The purpose of Reiki is to provide stress reduction, relaxation and energetic healing. Reiki is used to balance the chakras (energy wheels throughout the body). With blockages in the chakra centers, energy cannot flow freely. Angelana likes to describe Reiki as a deep cleaning of the emotional, and mental debris that we can't tangibly hold in our hands, but we (sometimes obviously) carry in our energy bodies. This debris from past traumas, outdated thought patterns, toxic family dysfunction etc., can wreck havoc on our energy body and be the cause of many symptoms ranging from depression to headaches, to chronic back and body pain.

Reiki is administered by "the laying on of hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" (also known as Prana or Qi) flows through us and stimulates our aliveness. If our "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely feel stressed and get sick. When the vital life force is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. Reiki is a healing art that offers you a chance to relax deeply, while tuning in to the subtle sensations inspired by the attunement. Treatment is given while you lay on a massage table, fully clothed. You will feel light touches and the movement of energy throughout your body. Relax and fall into your witness consciousness for best results.

Angelana Grant has been a Reiki Master, practitioner and teacher for over 5 yrs. She loves to employ the magic of essential oils and crystals in her Reiki sessions, as these tools assist in dissolving mental, physical and emotional blockages and leave you feeling lighter, more balanced and grounded.

Angelana offers 30 minute sessions for $35 (60 minute sessions for $65 by special request) every THIRD SUNDAY of the month.




Toni Asante Lightfoot

You haven't lived until you have been touched and told your TRUTH by Toni Asante Lightfoot. Toni uses Tui Na, Thai Body Work and Shiatsu massage techniques to warm, loosen and liberate all the parts of US. She tunes in and listens carefully to each beautiful body, for any inspired guidance she might offer, as a support on the healing path. Many have been blown away, by Toni's powerful insights. Book Divine Body Work second and fourth Sundays from 11:30-3pm by clicking the link below. Wear comfortable active wear (yoga clothing is recommended) for this experience. Experience 30min of divine bodywork, offered at $35.


Liberation Body Work

with Joshua Bee Alafia

Joshua Bee Alafia is an accomplished film-maker, senior meditation teacher - trained in the TaoYoga ArtsTM, and a sensitive body worker who's intention is to soothe and liberate our tired, overworked bodies. Liberation Meditation is Joshua's unique brand of Thai style bodywork. Unlike passive table massage, you are an active participant in this treatment. Through a uniquely liberating partnership with Joshua, you'll experience manipulations and assisted stretches, that will open and mobilize your body. Have a specific complaint or problem area? Be sure to let Joshua know, so he can target the work toward your relief.  Do yourself a favor and schedule bi-weekly bodywork with our newest community-partner. Reserve 30 minutes with Joshua Sundays. $35