Community Acupuncture

Sundays 12-6pm + Tuesdays 4-8pm :: Reservations are required

60 MINUTES $25

Acupuncture is an age-old Chinese healing modality that continues to prove it's efficacy, in these modern times. Our licensed practitioners use tiny, sterile, disposable needles, inserted superficially into specific areas of the body, to stimulate the body's ability to heal itself. Most people feel sleepy or very relaxed once they are needled and we encourage you to surrender to that feeling. Why not use this time to allow the body and mind to rest? After 30-60 minutes the needles are removed. Most people leave feeling better and sometimes feel the positive effects for days after. This powerful tool for healing and health maintenance, is made more accessible through low-cost community acupuncture programs like ours. By sharing the space with other community members, we lower the cost and ALL benefit from the healing nexus that is generated among us.

Each of our skilled acupuncturists have multiple years in practice and experience with a wide range of health conditions. They are hand-picked for their knowledge, sensitivity and commitment to health justice. They will take great care of you.

Meet our exceptional community-partner acupuncturists ::

  • Amanda Frotscher :: Selah Healing Arts :: First Sundays

  • Kaysie Lingo, Lac :: Anatomy & Alchemy :: Second Sundays

  • Chiara Galimberti, Lac :: Third Sundays 12-6pm + Every Sunday 3-6pm

  • Kelsi Karch, Lac :: Fourth Sundays

Community Acupuncture :: Sundays 12-6pm + Tuesdays 4-8pm

Haji Healing Salon now offers CUPPING THERAPY!

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your body for a few minutes to create a suction. The cups are sometimes moved around (slide cupping) and sometimes they remain in one spot, to inspire better blood flow to the area being cupped. Many people experience cupping as an adjunct therapy to acupuncture, but it has tremendous value as a stand-alone therapy as well. Cupping can alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, inspire relaxation and even be used as a type of deep-tissue massage.

Now you can experience this powerful healing modality at Haji Healing Salon! Each session involves a short consultation with Chiara before lying down on the table. Please wear/bring a tank top and shorts to make access to your body easier for the therapist. The session will take about 15-minutes and you will have some time to lie resting afterwards. Please note this therapy often leaves circular marks on the skin that look like bruises. This is to be expected. The marks will clear up on their own within 1-5days in most cases. Cupping is offered each Sunday 3-6pm, with more availability coming soon.

Sundays 3-6pm :: Cupping Therapy with Chiara
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Q: Does acupuncture HURT?

A: Despite popular belief, it's a relatively painless process. Some points are more sensitive than others, but any pain resulting from insertion of the needle should resolve within a couple of seconds. If it doesn't just inform your therapist and an adjustment can be made.

Q: Do I have to take off my clothes?

A: No. We don't remove any clothing for C.A. so we recommend that you wear clothing that provides access to your arms and legs up to the knees.

Q: Will I be able to go on with regular activities post-treatment?

A: Some people like to take it easy after acupuncture and you might feel like napping. Others are energized and keep it moving. If it's your first time, consider allowing yourself a little grace after to observe and honor how you feel.

Q: How often should I come for treatment?

A: Since you can't overdose on acupuncture, come as often as you like! A person in a healing crisis, will need acupuncture more frequently than someone who is coming for health maintenance. Discuss this further with your therapist.

Q: Can children receive acupuncture? What age is appropriate?

A: Absolutely! Acupuncture can safely be performed on children of all ages, however we may opt for a gentler approach with smaller children and instead recommend a form of acupressure that is less-invasive.

Q: It's my first time and I'm nervous, may I bring someone for support?

A: Absolutely! Community acupuncture means the more the merrier. Why not BOTH be treated? We can put you in chairs next to each other and you can share in the healing.

Q: Should I TIP my acupuncturist?

A: Acupuncturists neither expect, nor accept tips. Since they are licensed Chinese Medical doctors/Medical professionals accepting tips would present an ethical dilemma. You may tip all other Haji healing practitioners and you may donate to the enterprise by leaving a heart offering in the bamboo pot on the front desk. We really appreciate it.