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CHAKRA YOGA SERIES :: A Seven Part Exploration with Angelana Grant

Our Chakra Yoga Series is comprised of seven, 2-hour Friday night classes that are designed to ::

  • Deepen your knowledge and awareness of the Chakra System.

  • Realign and energize each Chakra using a guided meditation, specific yoga postures and Reiki treatment.

Did you know YOGA is one of the most basic and effective ways we have to balance the Chakras? Balancing and aligning the physical body through asana practice (yoga), also balances the subtle body and affects the Chakras, related behaviors, beliefs and habits. Reiki and meditation are additional tools used to connect to the essence of each energy center and clear away any impediments to optimal energy flow throughout the body. Empower yourself with tools and practices to improve your ENERGETIC HYGIENE by joining this series.

Angelana Grant is a licensed Esthetics instructor, certified Yoga Teacher, Doula and Reiki Master who brings all of her unique gifts and skills to be shared in this enlightening workshop…. You are in great hands!

Students enrolled in this series will come together once monthly on Fridays beginning September 13th from 630-830pm. Commit to all seven classes in the series and save!

Series investment: $175 or $30 per workshop. To book your spot click the button below and go to your desired date on the calendar. Follow all the prompts to register for the session.

1st Chakra 9/13/19

2nd Chakra 10/11/19

3rd Chakra 11/8/19

4th Chakra 12/13/19

5th Chakra 1/10/19

6th Chakra 2/7/19 **

7th Chakra 3/13/19