A Sanctuary for South Side Chicago


Founded by Yogi, Artist, Entrepreneur and Healing Person, Aya-Nikole Cook...

The Haji Healing Salon arises in response to the discord and violence plaguing our communities and breathes new life into South Side Chicago. This vibrant space for transformation is activated by powerful instructors, therapists and healers, with the shared intention of inspiring and supporting people on a healing path. The debasement of Black Life in these times, makes true healing a radical act for us. The Haji Healing Salon guides communities in becoming radically healthy - one person at a time - by integrating meditation, yoga, acupuncture and plant-based nutrition into a teachable, healing lifestyle.  Core offerings are extended to communities in need and made more accessible through pop-up programming and modified fee structures.

HHS believes each person given the tools to transform their own internal landscape, contributes to an overarching  culture of peace. Individuals who learn to prioritize self-care, quickly see improvement to their physical and emotional well-being.  The potency of these healing practices, combined with our warmth, authenticity and integrity, keep community members coming back for more.  Join us for an uplifting practice or therapy at The Haji Healing Salon, where healing is our lifestyle and we are at your service.

The Haji Healing Salon houses the ONLY Community Acupuncture program,  dedicated to servicing the south side of Chicago!  Support this emerging enterprise to ensure that affordable, high-quality, alternative health care practices are accessible to South Side residents.