Tuesday 630-8pm :: AWAKE Mindfulness Meditation with Aarti Tejuja

Tuesday 630-8pm :: AWAKE Mindfulness Meditation with Aarti Tejuja


Mindfulness Practice through Movement, Stillness, and Community


Do you feel stressed out? Anxious? Depressed? Overwhelmed?

Mindfulness practices can help.

Mindfulness is our own natural ability to be present in our own lives. Although we all have this ability, many of us may find that our minds are often a million miles away, constantly thinking about everything except for the present moment. This can cause stress and overwhelm. Luckily, mindfulness practices can help us to tame and gain more control over our own minds so that we can become more fully present. Training our minds to live more in the moment can lead to being calmer, more relaxed, and happier. Learning presence can also help us become more in tune with others, leading to more fulfilling, healthy relationships.

Even though we all naturally have the ability to be mindful, it's much easier to access when we practice regularly and with a community. Join Aarti and the Mindful Haji community as we practice mindfulness in a variety ways, through stillness, movement, fun, laughter, and building relationship. We will use sitting and walking mindfulness meditation, peace circles, sensory practices, interplay movement, and more. This class is good for all skill levels, from first-timers to those that have been practicing mindfulness for years.   Join us good people!

Haji Healing Salon is delighted to welcome senior meditation teacher, Aarti Tejuja to our tribe of healing practitioners! This new regular class begins at 6:30pm. 90 minutes of sitting and walking meditation will go by quickly with Aarti’s skilful instruction. It is intended that this be a group-directed space with a new focus each month, chosen by the collective.

Join us as we AWAKEN TO OUR BASIC NATURE (that of goodness).

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Aarti Tejuja is a certified meditation instructor in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. She is also the former Director of the Office of Social Engagement for Shambhala International, a position that allowed her to combine her direct knowledge of meditation with her direct experience of working in social justice settings. Aarti has brought mindfulness meditation practices to activists, teachers, those working in non-profits, and to young people on the west side of Chicago. Her particular expertise is in making mindfulness meditation applicable to any part of our lives, and making it relatable and workable for anyone, even those who believe they cannot meditate or have struggled in the past.