Thursday 6/27 :: 630-8pm Woosah Gentle Yoga + Extended Singing Bowl Savasana

Thursday 6/27 :: 630-8pm Woosah Gentle Yoga + Extended Singing Bowl Savasana


Cassandra Powell brings so much loving light and kindness to to Haji Healing Salon during her once monthly candle-lit, restorative yoga and sound experience. Cassandra is a trauma-informed yoga instructor and the organizer of a 501c3 striving to bring healing practices and services to under-resourced and traumatized communities throughout the Midwest. The combination of Cassandra’s beautiful voice, gentle spirit and skillful bowl playing, will soothe you into deep relaxation. Bring your own mat and blanket if you’d prefer, or cozy up with one of ours. We’ll also provide lavender-scented eye masks for those who appreciate a little added aromatherapy.

We are delighted to offer our community an opportunity to have a WOOSAH moment through this gentle and restorative yoga and healing sound experience. Investment for this 90-minute class is $12. Walk-ins pay $15

This class is suitable for absolute beginners and everyone, anywhere along the yoga practitioner spectrum.

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Cassandra Powell, is a Linguist and a Professor of Communications, as well as a Yoga & Meditation teacher. She has been an active practitioner of yoga for over 20 years and a yoga instructor for over five years. She maintains a clear focus on making yoga accessible to EVERY BODY. She believes that yoga's 8-fold path, inherently allows all people access - regardless of frame, size, weight, medical conditions, national origin, gender, life experiences and circumstances, or any of the other way that we perceive ourselves to be different. Having been healed of rheumatoid arthritis through the practice of yoga, and of blood clots through massage and reiki, Cassandra is a strong advocate of promoting healing modalities to ALL, regardless of their ability to pay for services.
An active participant in Yoga for Social Justice movement through Off the Mat Into the World, the Yoga Coalition, Yoga Cares, and the Yoga Body Image Coalition, Cassandra strives to ensure that the benefits of yoga remain accessible. From meditation to asanas (yoga postures) to pranayama (conscious breathing), and all other aspects of the 8-fold path, Cassandra believes that every one can benefit from some element of yogic practice.