Sunday Sanctuary Chair Massage with Tim Timson

Sunday Sanctuary Chair Massage with Tim Timson


Tim Timson is the newest addition to the Haji Tribe of healing practitioners. Please help us welcome him by booking his incredible chair massage services this Sunday, 7/15 between 12-4pm (last appointment at 3:20pm). Walk-ins may receive a 10 minute massage for $10 between appointments, as the schedule permits.

Tim came to Haji via an introduction by his classmate at the Pacific School of Oriental Medicine, Toni Lightfoot. Tim is in school for Chinese Medicine and will soon become a licensed acupuncturist. His beautiful bodywork combines, many massage styles such as Shiatsu, Tui Na and Deep Tissue, all complimented by Thai Style Massage techniques and assisted stretches. His finishing touch is a lavender oil head and face massage that will have you floating out of his chair!

Tim steps in to provide us with some RADICALLY HEALING TOUCH this Sunday, while both Toni and Joshua are out of town. We are delighted to welcome bother Tim into the Haji fold and we know you will LOVE his offering!

Tim’s goal is to make your 30 minute chair massage, feel like a 60 minute table massage. He is thorough, efficient and able to provide just the right amount of pressure to liberate our tired muscles. Reserve your 30 minute massage for $35 today and TRUST - your Sunday self will THANK YOU!.

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