Sidereal Astrology Counseling

Sidereal Astrology Counseling


Now, more than ever, WE are urgently seeking guidance, a sense of purpose and meaning… that informs our path to liberation. Not only political liberation, but our social, emotional, and spiritual - Holistic Liberation!

Dayna Lynn Nuckolls, The People’s Oracle, provides Divination for Liberation. She skillfully uses oracles with integrity (sidereal astrology, tarot, dream interpretation, and intuitive guidance) in service of the spiritual and political resistance of our time.

We are delighted to welcome sister Dayna to the Haji Tribe! As an introduction to Sidereal Astrology and Dayna’s unique style of counsel, we offer you 30 minutes for $25, this Sunday April 29th from 12-4pm. Schedule your reading with Dayna today and be sure to fill out the attached form so she can prepare your chart ahead of your reading.

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