Pay It Forward :: Yoga :: Acupuncture :: Bodywork

Pay It Forward :: Yoga :: Acupuncture :: Bodywork

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Beginning in January 2019, Haji Healing Salon will offer two, annual yoga and healing grants, for folks who apply for support in accessing our classes and services.

You too may contribute to the wellness of those in our community who for various reasons are not able to access our services as often as they might like. Choose to “pay it forward” by purchasing one or more yoga classes ($10), acupuncture treatments ($20) or 30-minute bodywork sessions ($35) to be gifted a member of our community. With monies donated here, we’ll fund micro scholarships for individual classes and services that anyone in need may access.

Because we must ALL be invested in the healing of the collective… Pay It Forward.

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment is the greatest wealth and faithfulness is the best relationship.” - Buddha

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