Tuesdays :: 7pm Liberation Meditation with Joshua Bee Alafia

Tuesdays :: 7pm Liberation Meditation with Joshua Bee Alafia


Joshua Bee Alafia’s meditation practice began in 1989 when his mother gave him a mantra (an empowering statement that is recited internally) to work with. This sparked a rich journey through many different meditation styles from the Hawaiian Shamanic, Hindu, Sufi, Dzogchen, Taoist, and finally, Vipassana traditions. After realizing the transformative power of meditation practice in his own life, Joshua determined he'd bring it to the youth. He began teaching mindfulness meditation to incarcerated, court involved and system vulnerable youth through New York’s Lineage Project in 2010. He is a graduate of the Community Dharma Leaders training through Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Joshua is a recent Chicago transplant and is currently teaching Insight meditation at the Dorchester Art + Housing Collaborative on the South Side of Chicago.

TaoYoga ArtsTM is a Taoist practice that incorporates mindful movement, breath work, visualization and meditation. Joshua's approach to teaching this practice, is informed by his Yoruba and Buddhist training. Haji Healing Salon is delighted to offer Joshua a new Chicago home, where he will share his inspired healing art.

Join us in welcoming Joshua, who is a senior teacher in this tradition, to Chicago AND to Haji Healing Salon, by reserving your cushion for his Tuesday night meditation class. Each class incorporates a period of movement, guided meditation and a conversation about the practice. We gather from 7pm-830pm. $10.00

Featuring complimentary Zen Blend tea by Oh So Medicinal

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Joshua Bee Alafia practicing Golden Lotus in the TaoYoga Arts tradition.