Third Sundays :: KemeTones Cosmic Sound Healing with Arit Neter

Third Sundays :: KemeTones Cosmic Sound Healing with Arit Neter

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KemeTones Cosmic Sound Healing is a healing modality similar to acupuncture, that uses SOUND VIBRATION instead of needles. Tuning forks that are tuned to the planetary frequencies are placed directly on the body or within the energy field. Pain, symptoms of illness/disease or obstacles in your life often point to a blockage in the flow of energy. Also akin to REIKI, the sounds and vibrations from the tuning forks are used to remove the blockage and open up the flow of energy again, which often relieves the pain, symptom or obstacle.

Benefits of KemeTones Cosmic Sound Healing include:

  • Feeling more open: emotionally, mentally and physically

  • Feeling lighter in the body and heart

  • A greater sense of balance and ease

  • Relaxation during the treatment (it feels great!) Join us in welcoming sister ARIT to Haji Healing Salon to share her unique healing modality with our community. This treatment is given while you lay flat and relax on our massage table. A short consultation will provide information necessary to direct your experience. Reserve a thirty-minute session for $35 as an introduction to KemeTones Cosmic Sound Healing. Arit joins us every THIRD SUNDAY during Sunday Sanctuary.

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