Introduction to Partner Yoga with Mila K. Marshall

Introduction to Partner Yoga with Mila K. Marshall


Because (platonic) touch, true connectivity and trust-building opportunities are HEALING, we offer you a brand new way to experience yourself, with and through another: PARTNER YOGA!

A common misconception is that partner yoga is for couples only. Actually, this class welcomes DUOS of ALL KINDS. Homies, lovers, frans, co-workers, neighbors, parent + child (12+), besties, mates, co-parents… bring us two of any relation and Mila will inspire you to move and breathe as ONE!

This class promises to be lighthearted, fun and engaging on multiple levels. Join us in welcoming Mila to Haji Healing Salon by reserving a mat for you and your other today! $15 per pair.

**Please note: Partner Yoga is different from Acro Yoga. This practice is very grounding and has the intention of keeping everyone safe.


As a yoga and meditation instructor I bring the best parts of myself to my classes. I am an avid lover of the outdoors so many of my classes are open air, I especially love practicing on the beach and offering classes in nature spaces like around a fire or at a local park. Besides open air practices I love music and love teaching Trap Yoga, Pole Yoga and my favorite Touch: A Yoga Experience for Partners.

While I teach in non traditional settings I offer students an opportunity to get onto their mat and into their bodies. My focus in teaching is based on yogic principles with an intention on promoting healthy range of motion, breath awareness and body alignment. My classes vary from gentle to more physical yet I enjoy teaching where it meets the needs of the student. 

Mila has enjoyed a healthy and diverse yoga practice for the past eight years. Inspired to grow and share her practice with others, Mila enrolled in teacher training at Chi-Town Shakti and immersed herself in Shambhava Yoga and Meditation. She has been sharing her unique yoga offerings, with a strong community of grateful Chicago yogis for the past two years.

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What is partner yoga?

Partner yoga is a practice for two or more which can include learning how to offer support through adjustments, being present to assist in inversions and more challenging postures, as well as articulating some poses together.

Does “partner yoga” mean “couples yoga”?

No. This class is for partners of all types. The partner class is meant to welcome all who wish to have some fun learning about themselves and each other. We welcome couples but it could be siblings, cousins, friends…all partners of all levels are welcome.

My partner has never done yoga but I want them to come, I practice often do you think it is a good idea for us to come?

YES! We welcome all levels and offer props and modifications to keep everyone safe and comfortable. All are welcomed and supported in practicing at their unique ability level.

What ages are allowed in class?

Ages 12 and up are invited to practice together. Youth are welcomed in class with a partner 18 and over and must have a waiver signed by their parent or guardian.

Do I have to bring my own partner?

Yes. For this particular class, we ask that you register with your plus one. 

Does Haji offer private partner classes?

Yes. If you are interested in reserving a class for just you and your friends we would love to create a space for connecting. Bridal showers, girl’s night out, private family practices you name it. The goal of our partner class offering is to invite intentional closeness and learn how to be present with our whole selves. For more information on scheduling and pricing for your private class contact Aya via email:


Meet Mila K. Marshall

Certified Yoga Instructor

Your guide for an Introduction to Partner Yoga 6/12/18. 630pm. $15 per pair.