2nd Sundays Immersive Sound + Vibrational Therapy Session with Shannon Harris

2nd Sundays Immersive Sound + Vibrational Therapy Session with Shannon Harris

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Shannon Harris has developed a truly unique therapeutic practice, designed to inspire relaxation in the body and tranquility in the mind through the use of heat, sound, light, vibration and touch. A heated jade mat, placed atop our massage table, provides warmth and gentle stimulation to the body throughout your treatment. Once the eye pillow is placed over the eyes and headphones on the ears, your immersive experience begins. Shannon has composed five soundtracks that each relate to the theory of THE FIVE ELEMENTS system from Traditional Chinese Medicine. The most appropriate soundtrack is chosen to support you in relieving symptoms you report in your consultation. The music works to balance the emotional body, while supporting the functioning of each organ associated with the elements. Any pain or tension in the body is addressed with a sonic frequency pod (akin to a vibrating massage tool), which effectively relaxes muscles and increases circulation throughout the body. Additionally, Shannon administers powerful Qi Gong healing energy throughout the entire treatment. The result is a balanced emotional, mental and physical state of being. This special experience is not to be missed! Available second Sundays of each month, at our introductory rate of $35/30min session. 

To schedule a full 60minute @ $65, book the 3:15 time slot.

DON’T MISS SHANNON’S SOUND BATH ON 11/11 at 8pm during WE THRIVE! Our healing party and grand opening event. Please RSVP on the WE THRIVE page if you plan to attend.

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