2/1/19 :: ROOT :: A Haji Yoga Supper Club

2/1/19 :: ROOT :: A Haji Yoga Supper Club

from 25.00

The Haji Yoga Supper Club is an inspired quarterly event that marries Yoga, live music, a gourmet vegan or vegetarian meal and community dialogue around a theme.


Join us for the revival of our signature social event, and let’s kick off BLACK HISTORY MONTH celebrating the ROOT of our ROOTS, through an African-Inspired Evening of Music + Movement, Creative Cuisine + Deep Dialogue. With this event we also introduce our 4-week KEMETIC YOGA IMMERSION co-taught by our event instructors. Read on for more information.

Haji Healing Salon invites you to enjoy a highly-curated experience of Kemetic Yoga, led by Dr. Rebecca Hubbard + Frank Mitchell, with live musical accompaniment by Shannon Harris playing the Trichord, Lap Harp + Kemetic Tree of Life Chimes. Post yoga we’ll commune over refreshing Haji libations before adjourning to Chef Erika Durham’s waiting Afrofuturist Supper table. A lively dialogue will surely ensue as we dive into our theme of the evening :: Uncovering + Celebrating our Ancestral Roots. Talking points for the moderated conversation will be provided with your confirmation email.

Participation for this intimate experience is limited to 20 guests for yoga + supper. Tickets are $55 before January 22nd with promo code KEMET. After January 22, the price is $65.00.

We are offering TEN $25 mats to community members who wish to experience Kemetic Yoga with live music, sans supper. This ticket includes a 15-minute post-practice reprieve for socializing with beverage. Supper and parting gift are NOT included at this ticket price.

Immerse yourself in Kemetic Yoga with our skilled instructors by joining us for ALL the goodness offered by this event + the accompanying 4-week Kemetic Yoga series running Saturdays in February (2/2-2/23). Reserve the supper club and yoga series for only $100 by 1/22/19.

To learn more about the Kemetic Yoga Series click ALL OFFERINGS > ROOT KEMETIC YOGA SERIES in navigation.

Ticket Options:
  • This event is best suited for motivated beginners and folks with some yoga experience

  • Please wear comfortable clothing, suitable for a full yoga practice

  • Bring layers, or a change of clothing, so you are comfortable at the dinner table

  • Come with an open heart and mind, ready to HAVE FUN!


Haji Healing Salon owner, Aya-Nikole Cook conceived of the Haji Yoga Supper Club after moving from Chicago to Oakland California. Being a social yogini in a new city was challenging in ways Aya hadn’t expected. In an effort to build a community of folks who loved MUSIC, YOGA, VEGAN FOOD and a CONSCIOUS PARTY, she curated the first yoga supper club for her students at Flying Yoga in 2013. Each supper club event creates an opportunity for creative collaboration with new yoga teachers, chefs, musicians + Haji community, often in new spaces. Aya loves being a hostess and thoroughly enjoys curating every aspect of the evening. The intention is always to offer folks a beautiful, memorable experience at an accessible price point, while highlighting the wealth of talent existing right within the community.


Our professional chef graduated from Le Cordon Bleu back when it was still Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago (CHIC). She has been a featured chef on WGN, Modern Luxury Lakeshore and was voted number 4 on Narcity Chicago’s list of top 31 women with the most badass jobs! Erika writes a food blog from a Chef’s perspective because she loves both cooking and writing and the blog allows her to combine the two. Writing from two perspectives, Chef Erika (more traditional, no-nonsense Chef) and YumDiva (cocktail loving party girl) allows the Chef to have fun expressing a natural duality in her Gemini personality. Chef Erika went to Culinary school and is a bit of a tomboy, while YumDiva wears her Chef coats with a skirt and heels is is super fun to hang out with! “As a chef, I believe in delicious food that sparks nostalgia. I’m kinda like an upscale version of your Grandma. When people ask me, “ What is your specialty?” I reply: I don’t have one. I don’t believe in limits and specialties limit you! I consider myself a forever student. I like to learn about different cultures and do my best to honor the culture through food. This is why my most favorite type of food from any culture is what would be considered peasant food. It’s food from the heart and soul.”



  • North African Refresh Salad Greens with Oranges Segments, Dates, Olives + Red Onion. Tossed in a Sherry Vinaigrette


  • Piri Piri Spiced Black Eyed Peas :: African Spiced Black Eyed Pea Stew with Colorful Peppers and Caramelized Onions

  • Mchicha Wa Nazi :: East African Wilted Spinach with Coconut Milk, Chilies and Toasted Peanut Dust

  • Jollof Quinoa :: Uniquely Spiced African Rice Dish updated with Protein Rich Quinoa

  • Curry Buscuits Brushed with Netter Kebbeh :: Homemade Biscuits with Ethiopian Spicy Butter Oil


  • Hot African Tea Ceremony served with (vegan) Sweet Potato Cookies


FRANK MITCHELL is an art director, multi-disciplinary artist and dedicated yogi and teacher. He has holds a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a certification with Yoga Alliance (200RYT). Based in Chicago, he regularly leads classes and workshops with the Chicago Park District, Kusanya Cafe, and Infinity Holistic Health and Wellness. Within Frank’s study and teaching of Kemetic Yoga, he most enjoys the subtlety and regalness of the practice. He also loves that “by concentrating on the breath and developing and channeling our internal energy, we are connecting to the root of all African systems of healing.” This is most empowering.

DR. REBECCA HUBBARD is a licensed clinical psychologist who completed her initial Kemetic Yoga training in Egypt, December 2017. Rebecca began her yoga journey after graduate school and found that yoga provided balance to the competitive nature she developed as a life-long athlete. Her teaching focuses on self-care and the healing and spiritual benefits of Kemetic Yoga.