Saturday 3/30 :: 4-6pm RADICAL JOY Ecstatic Dance Meditation

Saturday 3/30 :: 4-6pm RADICAL JOY Ecstatic Dance Meditation

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Haji Healing Salon is over-joyed about it’s collaboration with Olivia + Qiddist Ashe ( who help us end our MARCH celebration of HER + our cultivation of Radical and Unapologetic JOY with an ECSTATIC DANCE MEDITATION!!! The following text is excerpted from the Ashe Living website. Read on to learn more about this liberatory practice and plan to join us:

Ecstatic Dance is a radical act of reclaiming the wholeness of our body, mind and spirit. It’s a movement meditation led by intentionally chosen music that leads you a journey of emotional exploration through rhythm. 

Through our facilitation of Ecstatic Dance we create a space for sacred movement. Each dance is centered around a theme, which is reflected in the altar and the music. We begin with about 15 minutes of warm up time where we gather, stretch and connect with each other in a facilitated circle. This practice grounds us in our bodies and sets the intention. Then we dance! The music slowly builds in its intensity and then you softens to facilitate complete stillness. There are five stages to the music to guide you on your journey: flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness. No conversation is permitted on the dance floor, but participants are encouraged to have consensual, non-verbal interaction. There is 75 minutes of dance featuring music by POC artists from all over the world of a variety of genres.

There aren't many spaces where music and dancing truly allow us, particularly as people of color, to explore our relationships to ourselves in community without self-consciousness of what movement should look like or fear of the repercussions of fully expressing ourselves. Our facilitation of this dance is meant as a space of resistance, where we can claim space freely and fully. 

In this experience you are FREE to move and release whatever you feel in your body. Stomping out rage, sitting and crying, playful laughter, and mindful grooving are all welcomed. We hold this space to allow ourselves to connect with our bodies, take up space, and embrace our radical wholeness.

May the movement of our bodies reveal to us a roadmap for our healing.

Is there anything more joy-inspiring than MUSIC + DANCE?? Come cultivate and celebrate RADICAL JOY with us. No dance experience required for this BAREFOOT dance meditation party!

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About DJ Ashe:

I believe that when the rhythms of our body meet the rhythms of music and we give ourselves the permission to dance we are in fact affirming our humanity. I draw on afro-beats, indie selections, hiphop & R&B, to curate movement experiences concerned with healing, joy and community. Through an arrangement of these genres I have facilitated ecstatic dances, community fundraisers, markets and open mics, weddings, clubs and corporate events. Music is divine.