Friday 3/29 :: 5-8pm :: Sowing the Seeds of SELF Love with Angelana Grant

Friday 3/29 :: 5-8pm :: Sowing the Seeds of SELF Love with Angelana Grant


Sowing the Seeds of Self-Love: The Spring Equinox Edition!

The month of March and the entrance of Spring means it’s time to do some Spring cleaning! Not only is it time to clean behind the couches, beat the rugs and clean out the messy drawers; but it’s also a powerful time to take inventory on what we've been allowing to take up space in our lives, physically, mentally and energetically!

When we clear unnecessary and energetically draining elements from our lives, we have more time and space for the cultivation of self-love. This is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and it’s really the only way we can attract a loving relationship with someone else.

In ancient times, rituals were performed during the Spring Equinox, as this moment of alignment (equal time of darkness and light) holds immense power we can harness. The ancients would take time to consciously clear energy out of their bodies, minds, homes and temples. In this inspiring workshop, we will be taking the concept of "spring cleaning" and apply it to every aspect of our lives. 

We will utilize a self-care wheel ritual to explore and understand how we currently spend our time vs how me want to spend our time. Through this exploration, we will inevitably cultivate a more intimate relationship with ourselves.

Additionally, this workshop will offer a group reiki session and meditation to foster new, healthy habits of mind, emotions and attitudes toward SELF.

Sowing the Seeds of Self LOVE is open to men, women and ALL gender expressions. Please join us and get ready for a complete clearing and RESETTING just in time for SPRING!

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ABOUT ANGELANA GRANT :: Angelana Celeste Grant is a Holistic Health Pratitioner and owner of The Nifty Gypsy in Chicago, IL.

The Nifty Gypsy focuses on Energy work, Birth work and whole body wellness. Angelana embodies a wealth of education and experience that she is excited to share with you! Each of Angie’s treatments and services evoke a sense of mind/body integration with a focus on mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. As an advocate of self-care and self-love, assisting you in realizing the highest version of yourself is her ultimate goal.