Divination Counseling with Deidra Sommerville :: 4th Sundays

Divination Counseling with Deidra Sommerville :: 4th Sundays


Deidra has been an initiated priest of OSHUN for nearly 16 years. She has studied as a diviner and ritual practitioner under the apprenticeship of master diviners and elders in several branches of the Yoruba and Edo spiritual systems. Deidra uses cowrie shell divination in her counseling sessions, as her practice derives from the Afro-Cuban Lukumi tradition.

Through the ritual use of prayer and alignment with the energies of the Orishas, ancestors, benevolent accompanying spirits and the person's first Orisha, Deidra addresses any impediments revealed by the Ori (enlightened self) of the client. She then assists clients in realigning with their divine purpose. Deidra enjoys helping her clients embrace and celebrate the aspects of their spiritual profile that are supporting their growth and evolution. Her sound guidance and helpful tools enhance the spiritual health and wellness of each person she counsels.

Meet sister Deidra this Sunday, when Haji Healing Salon hosts her for a day of  counseling community, in support of our spiritual wellness. Book a 30min session for $30 today!

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