Chair Yoga with Miss Darlene Blackburn :: Saturdays 1pm (beginning 5/26/18)

Chair Yoga with Miss Darlene Blackburn :: Saturdays 1pm (beginning 5/26/18)


Haji Healing Salon is HONORED to present Chicago African Dance icon - turned chair yoga instructor - Miss Darlene Blackburn, as our newest addition to the Haji Tribe of community partner teachers and healing-practitioners! Miss Blackburn is seventy-two years young and though retired from African Dance teaching, has such LOVE for her community (Englewood + south side Chi) that she continues to serve and support us with her chair yoga classes.

Miss Blackburn welcomes all ages and abilities to her class and she is MOST inspired to support her community of elders in “keeping it moving!” If you are a senior, are brand new to yoga, have limited mobility, balance issues, are healing from injury or just generally appreciate a moderate practice with lots of support, this is the class for YOU!.

Chair yoga classes begin on May 26th at 1pm and are offered every Saturday thereafter. Class is $10 for general community and $9 for seniors.

Class bundles may be used toward chair yoga as well!

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