Saturday 930am :: Black Power Yoga (+Nap) Hour

Saturday 930am :: Black Power Yoga (+Nap) Hour


The Black Power Yoga (+ Nap) Hour is a truly unique and affirming yoga experience, designed for us by us. It is offered within safe-space that is well equipped to support our healing, exploration and transformation. This class is unapologetic in it’s celebration of Black Resilience, Black Power and Black Beauty; as accessed through a vigorous physical yoga practice, a curated musical playlist, affirming/supportive cues and Black literature, read aloud during the nap hour.

If you are seeking yoga with SOUL and a beautiful supportive community to share practice with, join us Saturday mornings at 9:30 for a glorious two hour experience that uplifts, affirms and inspires your existence!


  • 9:30-10:30am :: POWER YOGA PRACTICE with invocation, ancestor ritual + intention setting

  • 10:30-10:40am :: REST/SAVASANA closing prayer

  • 10:45-11am :: BIO BREAK + NAP PREP :: Those departing, may exit quietly

  • 11-11:30am :: A SHORT STORY BY A BLACK AUTHOR IS READ ALOUD while community rests with pillow, blanket + lavender scented eye mask.

    While you may book the yoga alone for $10, the whole experience is highly recommended. It’s powerful practice + radical rest FOR US! $15

Aya-Nikole Cook, a 9-year certified yoga instructor, created this class in response to the trope of “white yoga” + the yoga industrial complex that so often lacks diversity and fails at being truly inclusive.

Please note: We welcome all who are truly interested in expanding with us. Blackness is recommended, but not REQUIRED for participation!

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