YOGI+ 6-week SERIES begins 10/4/18 :: Yoga for Larger Bodies with Jerrell Simpson

YOGI+ 6-week SERIES begins 10/4/18 :: Yoga for Larger Bodies with Jerrell Simpson

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We’re working to make our yoga more inclusive and inspiring for ALL bodies! Join us for a brand new 6-week series going up Thursday, October 4 at 630pm with certified yoga instructor Jerrell Simpson.

YOGI+ is a 60-minute yoga flow class that centers larger bodies and provides an intelligent sequence, supportive guidance and safe space to learn, grow, and BE together. This class is designed to empower folks in larger bodies to THRIVE in ANY yoga class you choose to attend, by teaching appropriate pose modifications, intelligent use of props for support and how to OWN YOUR PRACTICE!

Each class in this series will offer a different focus and you will have the chance to build your practice from the ground up. Join our newest instructor Jerrell and a beautiful, supportive community of yogis who are ready to learn, grow and thrive together. Series price :: $55. $12 per class drop in rate.


Jerrell Simpson is a certified Yoga Instructor who graduated from Core Power Yoga in 2017.  Although recently certified, Jerrell's yoga journey started five years ago after the birth of her second child. Initially, she sought out yoga for strength, flexibility, and stress relief. Over time, her path led to a more mindful union between mind, body, and spirit. Jerrell feels especially inspired by the Vinyasa Flow practice and enjoys creating intelligent sequences and connecting breath to posture in a very special way. She believes, everything you need is already in you. As an instructor, she guides and assists in letting go of what you don't need, while pouring in, more of what's within and ready to grow. Jerrell is elated to be Haji Healing Salon tribe. She looks forward to growing with students, and building relationships with our community.

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