Haji Healing Salon L3c is a social wellness enterprise with a BIG mission! We aim to support the healing of our blocks, our neighborhoods and our CITY, one healing person-at-a-time, by making sure life-enhancing healing practices are affordable and accessible for US! There are many ways to ensure Chicago and it’s residents have access to the healing it needs. Read on and consider how you might begin or continue your healing journey with us, while supporting the healing of Chicago’s south side and beyond!


Sponsor A Sunday Sanctuary

Sunday Sanctuary is our landmark day of healing, now in it’s second year. Each Sunday the salon is open for community yoga and acupuncture + a variety of other healing services, all accessed via our low community pricing structure. If you are a local business owner or non-profit interested in supporting the wellness of south side Chicago, consider donating to sponsor this powerful day of healing to help us reach more vulnerable populations.


Pay It Forward

Individuals who wish to support the most vulnerable members of our community, may contribute to the Pay It Forward program. Funds donated here will be used to allow greater access to our yoga and healing services. Choose to buy a single yoga class or healing service for someone in need, or donate larger amounts to the Haji Healing Grant program. This annual grant is awarded to applicants who are in need of dedicated time and space to focus on physical and emotional healing.


Go Fund our upgrades

Upgrades to our salon are necessary to allow more people, greater access to our services. To make our salon even more of a sanctuary space, we require an electrical upgrade, installation of HVAC, plumbing + bathroom remodel and build-out of our herbal apothecary, which will make over 200 medicinal herbs available to support our healing. If you would like to donate to support our remodel, consider contributing to our Go Fund Me campaign.