Community Classes

Yoga. Movement. Meditation

Haji Healing Salon offers inclusive and accessible yoga, movement and meditation classes six days per week. All community classes are $10 if reserved ahead of time online and $12 when you walk-in and pay with a credit/debit card. Buy a 5 or 10 class bundle and save! Class bundles are good toward each community class listed here. If you’ve been looking for space to expand your self-care practice and beautiful community to share the yoga/movement/meditation path with, join us for an inspiring community class soon and feel the Haji Difference. What makes Haji different? Folks say it’s a lack of pretense, sincerely welcoming energy, vibrancy and a feeling that you are truly HELD in this space. Our yoga and meditation teachers are trauma-informed and do their best to honor your unique needs. Please be sure to communicate any recent injuries, special conditions/needs or concerns you have about engaging in practice with us, so we can take even better care of you. To reserve a class with us, scroll to the bottom of this page to book using our MindBody scheduling system.


FLOW :: A fun and energizing practice of Vinyasa Yoga. This all levels practice welcomes strong beginners and all along the yoga practice spectrum who enjoy using yoga to cultivate strength and grace in and through the body. Expect creative sequencing at a moderate pace, set to a curated playlist. New sequences are offered monthly. Attend this class regularly to grow proficiency in each sequence. Senior teacher Aya-Nikole Cook freely shares her class plans and playlists with her students to support and inspire development of a home practice. Find your flow with Aya every Sunday 10am (75min) and Monday/Wednesday 530pm (60min). This class is great for aspiring and new yoga teachers who are looking for a little inspiration or who wish to consider mentorship with Aya.

ALIGN :: A foundational Hatha Yoga class that is great for absolute beginners and all along the practice spectrum who enjoy a slower pace, fewer poses and detailed instruction that supports the best alignment of your unique body in each pose. This class is led by Sabrina Ewell and offers revolving monthly themes for contemplation and deepening self-study in practice. Join Sabrina and a lively community of yogis every Monday Night at 7pm (60min).

REST :: A truly restorative experience of guided relaxation designed to help you unwind, alleviate stress and get better acquainted with your SELF. 10-15 minutes of simple restorative movements precede the building of a cozy, comfortable and supportive nest to hold and rest the body into. Making the body as comfortable as possible is a big part of this class experience. We spend 5-10 minutes setting up and use cushions, bolsters, blocks and chairs to support the body and make dropping into yourself more feasible. We offer lavender-scented eye pillows or eye masks to encourage greater sense withdrawal and begin the practice by guiding your awareness through your surroundings, your breath and all the parts of the body. Varied creative visualizations inspire you to travel to sacred places within you and space is held for you to be restored in all the ways. This practice requires no previous experience with meditation or visualization. There is no way to do it wrong and anyone and everyone can practice and benefit. We welcome all abilities and allow you a choice of setting up on the floor or in a zero-gravity chair. You will LOVE and look forward to this special practice. Offered by Aya each Tuesday + Thursday 630pm (60min).

ROOT :: an African-centered yoga practice that invites you to connect with the ancient and ancestral wisdom that lives in your body and soul, through articulation of postures inspired by the art and culture of ancient Egypt. Kemetic Yoga practice and culture began in Chicago when Master Teacher Yersir Ra Hotep began sharing what he learned in his travels to Egypt. This all levels class is co-taught by students within Yersir’s lineage of Kemetic Yoga, Dr. Rebecca Hubbard and Frank Mitchell. Expect a slow and meditative pace, mindful movement and lots of space to go on an inward journey. Class meets every Saturday at 930am. (75min) We serve free coffee/tea pre and post class. Join us!

REIKI RESTORE :: A twice-monthly experience of meditation, affirmation, liberating movement (not yoga) and shamonic exercises (special exercises led by a Shamon with the intention of clearing and energizing the body from the inside out) designed to support you in feeling grounded, connected, empowered and fully present to the wisdom of your body. The second half of this class is spent resting in savasana (final resting pose) with supports, while Reiki Master and Shamon, Maria Lanier provides healing Reiki energy to each student. It’s a beautiful experience you’ll not want to miss! Offered first and third Sundays 5pm (60min).

Q + T RESTORE :: We welcome all folks who identify as Queer or Trans and all along the LGBTQA spectrum + ALLIES to join this dedicated Restorative yoga class led by Mila Marshall. This class offers inspired space to explore, learn, grow and CELEBRATE the truth of your body and your unique needs. Enjoy using yoga to connect with a vibrant community of folks dedicated to caring for themselves and each other. New themes relevant to the concerns of this community are explored in each class. Join us for the only regular class, dedicated to this community, to be found on the south side of our city. This class begins Saturday August 24th at 12pm and is offered each Saturday going forward. (75min).

AWAKE :: Awake is our weekly POC (people of color) meditation salon. It's dedicated space for Haji's POC community to explore mindfulness through movement practices, periods of stillness and intentional community. Aarti Tejuja skilfully leads with an emphasis on practical life application and co-creates with guest teachers for a truly expansive experience. August themes include :: Why should we meditate? How can we use our meditation practice in our relationships? How can meditation help with depression and anxiety? How to LOVE when you don’t LIKE someone: Exploring Metta + Loving Kindness practice. Beginning in September, themes will be decided by the collective. This liberating space welcomes NEW and SEASONED meditators alike.

Wednesday nights at 7pm (75min).

SOUL SOURCE DANCE :: An fun and accessible communal dance experience designed to help you open and liberate the body through intuitive movement. No previous dance experience is required… just a willingness to let go, tune in and MOVE to the beat of your soul! This class is led by 30+ year dancer/choreographer and Shamon, Maria Lanier aka Sister Shamon and it happens bi-monthly on first and third Saturdays at 11am (50min).

ZEST :: High-powered Afo-Zumba is an Afrocentric exercise experience designed to keep you moving, breathing and sweating to the beat. You’ll love this class and the beautiful being who instructs every second and fourth Saturdays at 11am (50min). This barefoot fitness class is geared toward all bodies and is sure to get your heart rate up, right along with your SPIRITS! Join sister Goldie (Certified Zumba instructor and dancer with Muntu Dance Theater) twice monthly for this stimulating class. Be sure to bring water and a towel. Dress for movement. This class is NOT for women only! ALL are welcome. Class begins September 14th (50min)