Learn more about Haji Healing Salon and it's founder, through these videos, interviews and articles.


A little bit of history: Watch this video to learn about an impactful social service, designed for an under-resourced population. It all began here, with The My Fair Lady Project.

An 8min instructional yoga video, designed to be done any time, any where. Try it!

Try this 8 minute yoga practice designed to be done any time, any where and remember to KEEP IT MOVING!

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South Side Wellness Salon Makes Acupuncture More Affordable for More People

by Jessie Liu for Medill Reports Chicago



Aya-Nikole Cook Uses Yoga as a Method of Healing on Chicago's South Side

by Joyy Norris for The




Meet Aya-Nikole Cook of Haji Healing Salon in the Chatham Neighborhood :: Chicao's Most Inspiring Stories

Voyage Chicago Magazine

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