Haji Yoga Social Club

Haji Yoga Social Club is the social (read:party people) arm of the Haji enterprise. We inspire, engage and unite Chicago yoga community, through the curation of unique yoga events, each taking place within unexpected south side spaces. Our landmark offering is The Haji Yoga Supper Club, an exciting event that marries yoga with live music, a gourmet vegetarian/vegan meal and inspired dialogue around the evening's theme. This special event is offered quarterly and has the goal of highlighting the diverse yoga, musical and culinary artists, living and working in Chicago. We've got something BIG in the works for our Fall 2018 Supper Club... Stay tuned!

Looking to be part of a beautiful community of people who are living a healing lifestyle? Join us for our periodic CommUniTEA Brunch or our quarterly Haji Yoga Super Club Events. Each themed event offers  an opportunity to get up close and personal with the folks you meet in yoga and in the waiting room for acupuncture... a chance to BUILD with your community.  

Because we are all about sharing the love, we also curate special events for YOU! If you are a yoga studio owner who wants to build community by offering a fun and engaging night of yoga, music, food and community... you have come to the right place! We will custom-build a beautiful event that features your teachers and your locally-sourced talent. Request a consultation via the form below (scroll down to curated wellness services) and we'll get right back to you to start planning!