Fibroid Healing Support Circle

Fibroid Transformation Program

The Haji Healing Salon's

Fibroid Transformation Program takes a holistic approach to supporting women who are suffering with physical and emotional pain, related to Uterine Fibroids.  Program curator and former fibroid sufferer, Aya-Nikole Cook invites a coterie of healing women together to enjoy cultivating deep bonds with one another, while learning new self-care and self-study practices within sacred space.

This healing program offers eight dedicated weeks of centering gentle, restorative yoga, targeted acupuncture + herbs, plant-based nutrition and community. Registration in this program requires sisters to commit to 2.5 hour salon gatherings, once a week (8 total - Tuesday evenings) and four, comprehensive Saturday workshops (4 hours each).  Our goal is to provide you with all the healing tools and resources needed to manage symptoms, while empowering you with education around the many approaches to being fibroid-free.  We've designed a powerful program that helps women feel better, make informed decisions a and create an inspired, new "healing lifestyle."Join us!

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