Where Healing Is A Lifestyle

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A Permanent Sanctuary

For South Side Chicago


Follow and support the journey into our permanent home at 746 E. 79th Street, (soft) opening March 2018.


Hyde park Haji Healing Salon

Our private Hyde Park Salon is a beautiful place to enjoy an intimate group meditation, yoga class, or relaxing community acupuncture treatment. Reservations are required as space is limited. All guests receive our confirmation email with address + other vital information about your time with us. Join us for a pop-up class with one of our community partners, or service at our salon soon.


chatham haji healing Salon

We've identified our future home + plans for a beautiful sanctuary for south side Chicago, are underway!  Every inch of our 1600sf space at 746 E. 79th Street, will be used to inspire healing, transformation + community. An herbal apothecary, full-time acupuncture salon + yoga/meditation classes offered daily, make Haji Healing Salon a beacon on the 79th street corridor.


Support our growth

Do you appreciate having access to high-quality, low-cost alternative health and self care? Consider donating to our emerging wellness enterprise to ensure that the people of south side Chicago have all the services we need to THRIVE. Your donation in any amount is greatly appreciated + helps us meet the cost of starting up in the new space. Click the button below to contribute.



YOGA Community

Learn or sustain your yoga practice, within intimate, safe-space designed to nourish and support your growth. We encourage you to come as you are, get your practice in and enjoy being part of the beautiful burgeoning community of South Side Chicago Yogis. YES - we exist! YES - we are GROWING and THRIVING from our dedication to the practice! We offer small classes that allow for plenty of personalized attention. This space is the antidote to the problem of modern yoga. No pretense. No judgement. No INVISIBILITY. At HHS, we SEE you, we SUPPORT you and we HONOR you and your practice. 

Join a class with senior teacher Aya-Nikole Cook today!


Meditation + Rituals

Meditation is a powerful way to develop a deeper relationship with yourself and the world around you. If you have tried meditating on your own, you know - finding time/space free of distraction, for quieting the mind can be challenging! This is why we offer you safe space and skilled instructors who are happy to guide you on a inward journey. Our meditation classes are easily accessed with a multi-tier donation model that ensures no one is turned away for lack of funds. Beginning in February, we offer Tao Yoga Arts meditation with Joshua Bee Alafia, every 1st and 3rd Tuesday at Haji Healing Salon, Hyde Park. Reserve your cushion by clicking the button below and donating at one of three levels.


Community Acupuncture

Community acupuncture is an effective way to maintain balance in the body, manage chronic pain and stress and activate the body's own innate ability to heal itself. At Haji Healing Salon, we heal together, within a community setting that allows us to share and lower the cost, while benefiting from a powerful healing nexus generated by the collective. Our licensed acupuncturists each have over five years experience and are skilled at handling a wide variety of health conditions and bodily concerns; they'll take great care of you! 


Haji Yoga Social Club

Haji Yoga Social Club is the social (read:party people) arm of the Haji enterprise. We inspire, engage and unite Chicago yoga community, through the curation of unique yoga events, each taking place within unexpected south side spaces. Our landmark offering is The Haji Yoga Supper Club, an exciting event that marries yoga with live music, a gourmet vegetarian/vegan meal and inspired dialogue around the evening's theme. This special event is offered quarterly and has the goal of highlighting the diverse yoga, musical and culinary artists, living and working in Chicago. We've got something BIG in the works for our Spring 2018 Supper Club... Stay tuned!

Looking to be part of a beautiful community of people who are living a healing lifestyle? Join us for our bi-monthly CommUniTEA Brunch. Each themed brunch offers custom-made tea blends from Oh So Medicinal, catered (vegetarian + vegan) brunch from local top chefs and an opportunity to get up close and personal with the folks you meet in yoga and in the waiting room for acupuncture... a chance to BUILD with your community. 

Join us for our next spirited event!




Fibroid Support

Haji Healing Salon offers SAFE SPACE for women on a healing path. WE understand the pain and isolation so commonly experienced by women living with fibroids. In response, we offer supportive community, info shares and plant-based diet inspiration, all accessed by donation. Women seeking continued support, are invited to join our eight-week FIBROID TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM or to seek personal coaching from Aya and her team of skilled wellness professionals. Fill out the form below to request a FREE consultation with Aya, to determine if our programs are right for you.